Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On Board with CAT-2010
The countdown for CAT 2010 has begun. With just few days left to go, students across the country are getting last minute panic attacks. No doubt, this is the time to shift to a higher gear where preparation for the exam is concerned. Clearing the stringent online examination pattern requires great aptitude and sharpness of mind. The cut-throat competition along with few seats in the privileged Indian Institute of Management (IIM) across India keeps the aspirants busy in restructuring their exam preparation strategies as a result of forthcoming examination.
With changing test pattern from the conventional pen-pencil format to an ultra modern online mode, it has become quiet difficult for the candidates to finish exams in the scheduled time.

The CAT comprises of five different segments which are: Data Interpretation, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension.

Becoming anxious during the last days of examination is a natural phenomena. This often leaves you as a student puzzled on the D-day. In such a case, the experts’ valued advice to all students focuses only on taking lesser number of mock tests while revising just the basics.
To get a clearer picture on all the dos & donts vital for CAT 2010 preparation, here is your pick:
  • Believe in Your Abilities: First of all, you should figure out your strengths and weaknesses and then work towards converting weaknesses into strength. Constant revision is a must do instead of mugging for exams at the last moment. This help boosts your confidence apart from handling the exam pressure with ease.

  • Time Management: Time management is a prerequisite for successfully cracking the CAT examination. Preparing a time table for each day and following it religiously reduces your study-time to almost half! Through this way, you can dedicate ample time to each subject without panicking at last moment.

  • Read On: The CAT aspirant should be well versed with everything that is going around him. Keeping this into account, you should inculcate reading habits be it a newspaper or any good literature. This gradually helps in smartly tackling any English comprehension section of the paper.

  • Reduce Mocks: Taking more than two mock tests in a week isn’t a good idea as it leaves you confused, thereby, increasing your fatigue level. Suggestion would be to avoid practicing too much of anything. Rather than wasting your stamina on learning anything new, stick to the revision process.

  • Relax and Boost Your Morale: You are strictly advised not to go overboard with the exam preparations. During the last days, you should work on morale-boosting & stress buster activities such as relaxation and entertainment.
Preparation is equally required for CAT’s Group Discussion segment. It is integral and imperative part which should not be ignored at any cost. CAT aspirants should be thorough with the current affairs which plays a key role in the group discussion round. Infact, you as a student can easily join coaching institutes or take help from any public forum – online or offline, which will train you exactly as per the latest judging parameters followed by experts while conducting CAT exams.

With very less time left for CAT 2010, you are counseled to spend this time judiciously by prioritizing your learning techniques. Taking breaks at regular intervals while studying is a must do in your list while studying at a stretch is a strict no-no.

Getting through CAT is not a tough nut to crack. All that required is mere constructive planning, patience and positive thinking.

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  1. I was looking for similar kind of guidance before appearing for CAT. Thank you for letting me know the dos and donts.