Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Subject Related Tips For Students To Conquer Boards

It’s March again, the spring time when the sweet fragrance of flowers pervades all around…when the sprightly sun pushes the buds and humans to come out of their closets…and when the festival of color, Holi, gradually sweep away the winter blues. It’s actually the time which leaves everyone with anticipations for an exciting journey ahead.

Inspite of all happenings in this beautiful spring season, there is however one lot which is still seen perspired and stressed…and it is none other than the poor student community. Reason being…the horrifying Board Exams! The season, contrary to its warm connotation, only give students restless days and sleepless nights never experienced so dreadfully in any other season. Due to the overdue stress, children tend to lose their so-called radiance of the face. 

Burdened with questions like how to master a subject, a student starts feeling the exam heat right from the beginning of the year. To their dismay, they cannot apply same strategies for all the subjects…rather require specific stratagems for each. For instance, Chemistry equations need to be tackled differently from the way Physics theories are handled…while Math entails altogether different tactics to solve the confusing sums. In such a scenario, there pops the question as to what requisite steps should be taken in order to deal with all of them smartly?

So, let’s start with subjects one by one…

Math, the most dreadful of all, needs smartness but most importantly demands practice…the only mantra to knock down the great Math fear. On the initial note, students should start with topics they like the most. Even if a certain portion doesn’t hold a good weightage in the paper, it will at least act as an excellent motivating factor during the preparation. They should try keeping pace either with the school teacher or with the tutor. Constant revision of the topics will only sharpen a student’s memory skill vital for the otherwise grueling Math paper. It is always advisable for students to strengthen their good topics first then proceeding onto the worst portions. One should refer to previous years’ question papers in order to get a strong foothold apart from working on the neatness part crucial while solving Math problems.

Science is the next most dreaded subject in the league. Mugging isn’t the solution; rather getting into the gist of the concept is much more imperative here. Knowledge of Science is a gateway to the world of technology. Keeping that in mind, students should learn to know and grow with science concepts, which will eventually help them understand the topics and the logic behind them.

In the Commerce stream, Accounts hold a strong position. It is highly recommended for students to focus on the basics where one should be very clear about the basic terminology and their logic. With practice, one gets an edge over the subject. Further, a good expert’s help in this area too aids a student conquer all the odds.

English is the next most important subject demanding full-fledged attention. A thorough English practice will only turn out to be helpful in one’s future. One should rather develop the habit to listen to spoken English than cramming up the usage of tenses and other grammar rules.

Tips are as well required to study subjects like Economics, Geography and Business Studies. In such a case, students should understand the fact that these subjects are partially practical knowledge based while the rest is theory based. All these subjects give an insight of the future world, though cramming is required till the time one actually gets to experience these concepts in real terms.

In the case of Computer Science, one should be familiar with its’ technical jargons to get an insight of the subject. A lot of mentoring is however required in this area. Understand and then explain it to others is the best trick to get a firm grip on the subject. Practical usage will manifold a student’s command over the subject which will gradually aid him to grasp the subject apart from making him technically sound in it.

For subjects like History and Social Science; the technique applied to get into the root of the matter is altogether different. One should inculcate the habit of watching period movies, read drama novels. This will certainly retain a person’s interest in the subject as well help him remember the important dates and occurrences. One can try Extramarks Smart Learn Modules and Mindmaps also for this purpose.

Last but not the least, students should not lose confidence in themselves. This is not the end of the world. One just needs to be strategic and confident. For this, inculcate vast interest in whatever subjects are meant for studying as this will not only help one score better marks in the exams but will also improve one’s knowledge of the subject.
So, enjoy learning.

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